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Yours & Owls Festival 2023

After a couple of tough years (2021 off for Covid / 2022 a massive rain wash-out) - Yours & Owls Festival was back with all guns blazing for the 2023 edition.
We supplied a package of flown lighting and many floor packages to the Main Stage and a package of lighting and LED screen to Stage 2.



Macula Auto Follow Spot

Fri, 12/01/2023 - 10:53 -- nealemace

Brand new tech at ei productions.
We've taken delivery of the first Macula Auto Follow Spot system in Australia.
This amazing package allows remote, real time follow spot control of any moving head from the control position.
The controller can be located anywhere and using the Macula camera the spot op can track performers easily.
No more losing seats to the follow spot position or having spots and ops in the lighting rig.

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