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Bjorn Again at State Theatre

As part of our constant battle to keep the music of ABBA in the forefront of peoples minds and wallets - we supplied production to BJORN AGAIN for their sell-out shows (3) at the State Theatre in Sydney.
The rig featured the usual Bjorn lighting spec with some extras as 60 Minutes was on-site doing some filming for an up-coming feature.
Alex Saad is the LD / ringmaster and runs a tight ship (his lighting cues are perfect).
His rig for these shows used...
16 x Par64
32 x MultiPar NSP
8 x 1k Fresnels
8 x MAC700 Profile
1 x Martin Atomic
8 x Molefay Duet
8 x Profiles
8 x Martin LC Panels
Jands HOG1000
Jands Event 48
1 x 24" mirror ball (of course)
1 x Container of home-made banana muffins