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Bowie Symphony in the Vines

This was a great looking (and sounding) gig for us on the weekend.
Bowie Symphony in the Vines - a tribute to the great songs of the late David Bowie with a full band and Symphony Orchestra.
The rock band featured a who's-who of Australian talent and the orchestra was conducted by George Ellis.
A long list of lighting gear included Martin MAC101, Martin Aura, Martin TW1, MAC700 Wash, Clay Paky Sharpy, Mythos, Stormy CC, 4 Liters and RJ Victor follow spots.
Plus 54 Panels of Martin EC10 LED Screen.
Designed + operated by Bryce Mace
Audio featured our Martin Audio W8LC / WS218X system, 2 x Yamaha CL5 (at FOH) and a PM5D/RH on monitors.

Our FOH mix team of Dan Lia and Murrey Carr made it sound amazing.

Our crew put in an amazing job on setup + show for a flawless gig.