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Soundwave 09

Soundwave 09 was held at Eastern Creek raceway and we we supplied audio + lighting + crew for stages 3 and 4.

Like a smaller version of the Big Day Out, Soundwave features bands from all over the world (many of whom we've worked with before) and had a crowd of about 26,000.

Stage 4 was the metal/hardcore stage and was headlined by Lamb of God, who played to about 5,000 people. 

We used some of our Martin W8LC Line Array, Midas Heritage at FOH, Yamaha M7CL on monitors.

Lighting featured our new Martin MAC700 Wash, 12 x MAC700 Profile, 7 x Martin Atomic Strobes, heaps of Par64's, 4 x Studio Due CS4 and Molefay 4 Liters.

Lighting was controlled by a Jands HOG1000 and an Grand MA (Fullsize) for Lamb of God.

Crew on this stage was - Chris Twartz (PA), "Hendo" and Peter Twartz (Monitors), Bryce Mace and Alex Stoner (lighting).

Stage 3 was more of a "pop" stage and featured Face to Face, Funeral for a Friend and Alkaline Trio.\ 

This stage used Martin Wavefront (12 x WSX subs, 12 x W8C mid/high), Allen + Heath ML4000 at FOH, Yamaha M7CL on monitors.

Lighting on this stage used Martin Entours, MAC250 Wash, Par64, MultiPar NSP, 2 x Martin Atomic strobes, molefay duet and some ETC profiles.

Control via a Jands HOG1000.

Crew on this stage was - Gary Maddox (PA), Matt Andreatta + Murrey Carr (Monitors) and Christian Yanni (lighting).

Although it was two, long days (Setup + show), it was a flawless show and all acts and visiting engineers were extremely happy with our production