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Basement Jaxx Vs Metropolitan Orchestra

We've just finished some shows with Basement Jaxx vs The Metropolitan Orchestra.
We supplied an audio + lighting package for both shows including 2 x Digico SD10, DPA mics for the orchestra + a band micup, IEM's, wedges etc.
Lighting featured Martin Vipers, Quantum Wash, Claypaky K10, K20, Ayrton Magic Blades, Chauvet Colorado Q40 and Elation SixBar1000 - all run from a Grand MA2 Lite.
These pics from QPAC.

Tash Sultana Australian Tour

We've just completed Tash Sultanas' Australian tour where we supplied a complete lighting and vision package with trucking.
130 panels of our VuePix ER5.9 LED screen with 4k processing rigged on 3 x angled trusses made the most of her amazing visuals.
The lighting package featured Ayrton Ghibli, Claypaky B-Eye K10 and Chauvet Colorado Q40 - all run by their LD on one of our Grand MA2 Lite consoles.

Parkway Drive "Reverence" 2018 Australian Tour

We've had an impressive looking lighting rig out with Parkway Drive on their current "Reverence" Australian tour.
These pics from The Hordern Pavilion (Sydney).
60 x AyrtonMagic Blades on articulated pods, 16 x Ghibli in the roof, Claypaky K20, K10, Stormys, Sharpys, Martin MAC101, LED Sunstrip, Philips Nitros and Duets, 4 Liters.
Atmosphere from MDG Hazers, Unique hazers and JEM ZR smoke machines.
All run by LD Steve Granville on a Roadhog Fullboar 4 + Wing + backup console (also used for supports).

Australia Day Parramatta Park 2018

Once again we supplied a complete production package including PA, lighting, vision, risers and crew for 2 x stages at Parramatta Park Australia Day celebrations.

One of the biggest Australia Day events - the 2018 show featured Daryl Braithwaite, Kate Ceberano and Hi5 on the main stage and choirs and acts on Stage 2.

The above pic is Darly Braithwaite at soundcheck.

Adam Ant Live

80's megastar Adam Ant toured Australia and we provided production for the show at The Enmore Theatre (Sydney).

We brought in a lighting rig featuring Martin MA101, Clay Paky Stormy CC LED Strobes, LED X-Blinders and Unique hazers - all run from a Grand MA2 Lite by our own Bryce Mace.

We also supplied a monitor package including EV XW15 active wedges, Shure P6HW IEM's, Digidesign Profile console and some additional mic stands and risers.

He plays a 2hr+ show and it's full of energy as well as all the hits.


Client Liaison

We're out on the road with Client Liaison for their 2017 Australian Tour.

Vision is some of our new VuePix ER5.9 LED screen on it's first tour outing.

Lighting features Clay Paky B-Eye K20, Mythos 2, Sharpy, Stormy CC LED Strobe, Martin Viper Profile, Auras and 4 Liters.

Control was via one of our Roadhog Fullboar 4 consoles.

We also supplied a riser package.

Grinspoon Australian tour 2017

Running from June to Sept  - we've been out on an extended national sold-out tour by Australian rockers Grinspoon in suppport of the anniversary of their Guide to Better Living album.

We're supplying a complete production package including our new AVID S6L console at FOH, lighting, audio, risers, FX, production transport and crew.

Twilight Concerts at Taronga Zoo

Another season of Twilight at Taronga is over for 2017.

 17 x Shows over 7 x weeks featuring - Peter Garrett, Jo Jo Zep + The Sports, The Rubens, Killing Heidi, Kasey Chambers, Ball Park Music, Jet, George, James Morrison, Bjron Again, Kurt Vile, The Living End, Teenaage Fanclub and Martha Wainwright.

Once again our Martin Audio MLAc provided awesome quality audio and coverage with no off site noise issues - however, we did use our 2 x 10Eazy noise monitoring systems (at FOH and venue perimeter) - just to be sure.

Suzi Quatro Australian tour 2017

Suzi Quatro is back... 

We're supplying full production and crew for her Jan/Feb/Mar 2017 Australian tour.

A great rig designed by Bryce Mace featuring Martin Viper, MAC101's, MAC700 wash, Clay Paky Stormy CC LED Strobes, Chromolec Jarag, Studio Due CS4, Molefay duets and MDG Hazer.

Operated on a Grand MA2 Lite

Audio used our Martin Audio W8LC/WS218X PA, a Digidesign Profile at FOH, Yamaha PM5D/RH on mons with EV XW15 wewdges and Dynacod Cobra 2 sidefills.