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Kasey Chambers

You know you're a National touring company when you take shows this far from home.
Two recent shows by Kasey Chambers happened in Darwin and another in Broome.
We were asked to supply + transport the full production/merch/backline gear for these dates.
A beautiful Friday evening outside the Darwin Casino saw our first show to a sold-out crowd.
A week later another show on the beach-front area outside the Cable Beach Resort in Broome.

Guy Sebastion

Australian Idol winner Guy Sebastian has been touring this year and we've been supplying audio and lighting production for the whole tour.

These pics are from the most recent shows at her Majestys Theatre (Adelaide) and Cantebury/Hurlston Park RSL club (Sydney).

Martin Wavefront PA with our Midas Heritage 1000 at FOH and we also tried out our new Evantide Eclipse Harmoniser.

Monitors were (almost) all Shure PSM700's (9), however, we used 2 x sidefills for the support act (Paulini) and a drum thumper. We used our new Midas Siena monitor board on this tour.

Mary Black

Irish singer/songwriter Mary Black performed at the State Theatre in Sydney as part of her national tour.

We supplied audio and lighting production for this one-off, sold-out show.

To cover both balconys and the main floor we used 3 x Martin W8C flown per side + 2 x W8C per side on the stage.

Martin WSX subs (2 x per side) and a pair of Martin ICT300 (front fill) completed the FOH audio component.

Our Allen & Heath ML4000 was used at FOH.

Richard Clapton

Richard Clapton had a few shows recently and we thought we'd try out some of our new lighting on his gigs.

These pics are from Doyalson RSL and feature our new LED Light Curtain and some of our new Martin MAC250 Entours.

Bryce did a great job on the lighting and made full use of the new gear.

The MAC250 Entours are a great light - really brights and great effects and the LED Curtain added amazing depth to the on-stage look.