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Megadeath in Australia 2015

Megadeath at Sydney's Hordern Pavilion (Oct 2015).

A great looking show where we supplied Martin MAC2000 Wash, Martin Viper Profile, Martin Atomic Strobes, MultiPars, 8 Liters.

All run by their LD on one of our Grand MA2 Lite consoles.

We also supplied for the Australian tour - risers, 3 x Robert Juliat Victor follow spots + stands and a quick-change area.



The Whitlams Sept 2015

Australian band The Whitlams came together for a series of shows and we were on hand to supply lighting for our old friends. Bryce Mace deisgned + operated a great looking show on a Grand MA2. 

These pics from the Metro Theatre (Sydney) featured some Martin Vipers, Auras and an off-kilter truss to create a great looking gig.

Richard Clapton, State Theatre, Sydney

This weekends gig for Richard Clapton at the State Theatre Sydney was a great looking one.

An LX and vision rig designed + operated by our own Bryce Mace from a Grand MA2 Lite + Wing and Arkaos Media Server.

Clay Paky B-Eye K20, Martin Viper, Martin Aura, SGM X5 LED Strobes, Martin TW1, ETC S4 Zoom Profiles made up the bulk of the rig.

Martin EC10 LED Vision Panels made up the upstage video screen with content supply by the act and us.

Audio used a Digidesign Profile at FOH, Yamaha PM5D/RH on mons, EV XW15 active wdges and JBL 3 way sidefills.


80's Extravaganza

A recent show at The Palais Theatre (Melbourne) featuring heaps of Australian 80's artists.

The lighting rig designed + operated by Bryce Mace featured lots of different bits from our inventory.

Clay Paky B-Eye K20, Studio Due CS4, Martin Viper Profile, Martin MAC101, Martin Aura, Chauvet LED Colourbatten Hex8, SGM X5 LED Strobes, Martin TW1.

Circular vision screen was our Martin EC10 LED Panels + Arkaos Media Server.

All controlled by Grand MA2 Lite + Wing.

UB40 Australian Tour 2015

We're supplying full production for the UB40 Australian Tour.

A great rig featuring some of our Martin Audio W8LC Line Array with WS128X subs, all powered by QSC / Lab racks with Lake Processing. FOH and monitors use Yamaha PM5D/RH.

Monitors were a combination of Sennheiser EW300 G3 IEM's and EV XW15 wedges.

A nice, compact lighting rig using - Studio CS4, Martin MAC101, Martin MAC700 Wash - designed by Bryce Mace and operated by Daryl Bowen on a Grand MA2 Lite.

Pure Gold Live

We supplied lighting, vision and risers to Pure Gold Live. A concert to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of Sydneys' Horden Pavilion and to launch the new Gold FM radio station.

The gig was a "who's who" of Australian 80's hitmakers - featuring The Eurogliders, 1927, Rose Tatoo to name a few - headlined by Dragon.

Our rig featured - Martin EC10 LED vision panels behind a circle truss as well as lighting package of Clay Paky Sharpy, Martin MAC301, MAC101, MAC250 Wash, MAC700 Wash, SGM X5 LED Strobes and Unique hazers.

Kasabian Australian Tour

Kasabian have recently done capitol city tour of Australia in support of their new album 48:13 and Entertainment Installations were on hand to supply lighting, risers, crew and production transport.

Their LD specified a rig to suit their high enegry songs and fast paced performance.

20 x Clay Paky Sharpy

18 x Martin MAC Aura

8 x Martin MAC700 Wash

16 x Martin Atomic Strobe

10 x Molefay Duets

12 x Molefay 4 Liters

7 x ETC Source 4 Zoom Profiles

2 x Robert Juliat Victor follow spots

Gimme 5 for Kids

A recent fundraiser gig for Gimme 5 for Kids featured some nice LED gear.

4 x Clay Paky B-Eye K20, Martin MAC101, MAC301, Sunstrips and 4 x Martin LC Panels - all programmed + operated by Bryce Mace using a Grand MA2 Lite (now with v3.0 Software).

Nice, compact audio system for this one using Dynacord Cobra 4 and a Soundcraft Si Compact 32 digital desk mixed by Neale Mace.

Hugh Laurie (House) and the Copper Bottom Band

We recently supplied production for Hugh Laurie and the Copper Bottom Band's tour of Australia. Lighting designer Chaz Martin used a Martin rig:

16 x Martin MAC700 wash

10 x Martin TW1 Tungsten Wash

17 x Martin MAC700 profile

13 x ETC Profiles

4 x 8 Liters

Control was a Martin M1 console brought by Chaz. 

Our Martin Audio W8LC Line Array was used for PA duties at Canberra (Royal Theatre) and Civic Theatre (Newcastle).

Photo: Troy Constable (this pic State Theatre Sydney)

Korean show at SOH Concert Hall

A recent gig in The Sydney Opera House Concert Hall saw us supplying audio + lighting for a touring Korean act. A great gig with a combination of live band and orchestra played to a sold-out crowd.

Lighting featured - 16 x Martin Vipers, Atomic Strobes, Martin MAC101, Martin MAC301, LED Strip HO, Martin MAC700 wash. Our LD (Bryce Mace) programmed + operated the show using a Grand MA2 Lite + WIng.

Audio used 2 x Digidesign Profiles + 4 x stage racks, EV XW15 wedges, Sennheiser IEM's and Shure UR wireless.