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Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival

For the 2nd year running Entertainment Installations supplied full production for the Caboolture Urban Country Music Festival in QLD.

This year we supplied our Martin W8LC Line Array flown from scaff towers either side of the stage. The system also featured a Yamaha PM5D/RH at FOH and a Yamaha M7CL/48 on monitors (with additional IN & OUT cards).

Lighting was a combination of MAC250 Entours, 250 Wash, LED HoneyComb 72 and some 1k Fresnels as well as some generic lighting.

Johnny Clegg

South African star Johnny Clegg played a show to a packed house at Sydney's State Theatre late May.
We supplied production and crew including - 2 x Yamaha PM5D, 16 x EV XW15 wedges.
We used the in-house D-Vdosc PA.
Lighting featured 12 x MAC700 Wash, 12 x MAC700 Profile, 10 x Martin StageBar 54, 12 x Par16, Par 65, Fresnels and Molefay duets.
Our crew included Bryce Mace, Murrey Carr, Neale Mace and Chris Twartz.

Shannon Noll

Shannon Noll : More No Turning Back 09
More shows in 09 for Shannon Noll
Featuring 12 x Martin MAC700, 10 x LED HoneyComb 72 LED
Yamaha PM5D/RH at FOH, Yamaha M7CL/32 on monitors

Jason Mraz


As part of his sold-out Australian Tour, Jason Mraz played a show at The Horden Pavillion in April.

We supplied all the audio production.

Our PA included our Martin Audio W8LC Line Array, Martin WSX subs and Martin Audio W8C out fills + infills.

2 x Yamaha PM5D/RH were used at FOH and monitors.

Monitoring used a combination of EV XW15 wedges, Dynacord Madras drum sub and Shure PSM700 in-ears.

Our crew for this gig was Chris Twartz, Neale Mace and Matt Andretta.




Baby Animals

Australian rock band The Baby Animals re-formed for an Australian tour in April and we supplied full production + crew.
The lighting rig featured - 4 x Martin MAC700 wash, 6 x Martin MAC250 Entour, 4 x MAC250 wash, 24" mirror ball and HOG1000 as control.
Audio used - 2 x Yamaha M7CL/48 consoles, Martin Wavefront PA and EV XW15 wedges.
Our crew was - Chris Twartz (PA), Dave "Hendo" (monitors), Bryce Mace (Lighting).

Harbhajan Mann


Indian performer Harbhajan Mann played at a Sydney show as part of his national tour in March.

The gig at the State Sports Centre featured our Martin W8LC Line Array, Digidesign Profile console and Yamaha M7CL on monitors.

Lighting was a mix of Martin MAC700 Profiles, Martin TW1 wash and MAC250 Wash.

One of our Robert Juliat "Victor" follow spots kept Harbhajan Mann lit throughout the night.


The Stranglers

In March, UK band The Stranglers came to Australian for a short tour and Entertainment Installations supplied production.
Our MD (Neale Mace) travelled with the tour as Production Manager / Lighting operator.
The band has sold over 35 million records and the show was full of their hits.

Soundwave 09

Soundwave 09 was held at Eastern Creek raceway and we we supplied audio + lighting + crew for stages 3 and 4.

Like a smaller version of the Big Day Out, Soundwave features bands from all over the world (many of whom we've worked with before) and had a crowd of about 26,000.

Stage 4 was the metal/hardcore stage and was headlined by Lamb of God, who played to about 5,000 people. 

We used some of our Martin W8LC Line Array, Midas Heritage at FOH, Yamaha M7CL on monitors.

Bullet for my Valentine

Bullet for my Valentine (currently on-tour for the Big Day Out) played their only Sydney sideshow at The Roundhouse in Sydney Jan 09.
We've done them before and it was great to catch up with Dave (their FOH/PM) again.
Dave used one of our Yamaha PM5D digital consoles at FOH and monitors used another digital console, Yamaha M7CL/48.
Local lighting guy Jason Watt used our lighting and rigger Bryce Mace to add to the in-house at The Roundhouse.

Tegan and Sarah

Canadian duo Tegan and Sarah played a Sold-out show in Jan at The Enmore Theatre Sydney.
We supplied lighting production and digital consoles.
The lighting rig (operated by Jarred Hawke) consisted of 12 x MAC700 profiles, 8 x MAC250 Wash, 4 x Martin Atomic Strobes + color scrollers, 7 x ETC Profiles, 4 x 4 Liters, Unigue hazer + fan.
Used the house rigging and added 4 x 2m truss uprights.