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Reds Disco

We provided audio + lighting production for "Reds Disco" in the Regency Room at the Central Coast Leagues Club on Easter Sunday.

The rig used 2 big rock stacks of 12 x Martin WSX subs, 12 x Martin W8C mid/high and QSC amps.

Lighting used - 4 x MAC250 Wash, 4 x MAC700, 8 x MAC250 Entour, 8 x LED Honeycomb, 2 x Martin Atomic Strobe, 2 x Unique Haze, 1 x Martin Magnum Pro2000 smoke machine, 4 x Geni Shimmer, 2 x Geni Blaze, 2 x ADJ Water effect, HOG1000.

Nearly 2000 people packed to room 'till 3am.


Local radio station SEA-FM presented Evermore live as part of their LIVE HUB broadcasts.

This gig is at Doyalson RSL in December 06.

We supplied production including crew - with lighting operator Christian Yanni for this show.


U.S. New Metal band Trivium were in Australia as part of the Big Day Out lineup.

We provided production for one of their headlining side shows - this one is at The Roundhouse in Sydney.



Rise Against

U.S.rock band "Rise Against" played to a sell-out crowd at The Roundhouse in Sydney in late October.

We supplied full production for this gig including monitor operator (Gary

Maddox) and lighting operator (Bryce Mace).




Penny Wise

U.S. punk band Pennywise have been around for over 15 years and even after this much time on the road they still put on a killer live show.

We handled production for their only NSW show of their Australian Tour.

These pics are from The Roundhouse in Sydney

The Veronicas


Entertainment Installations recently toured with The Veronicas in NSW.

We supplied lighting and a lighting guy (Neale).

The rig included :

12 x Martin MAC250 Entours

16 x Par64

8 x Kupo Multipar 575w NSP

6 x ETC Source 4 Junior Zoom profiles

1 x Martin Atomic Strobe

4 x Molefay Duet

JEM 24/7 Hazer

Jands HOG1000

Jands HP dimmers




Human Nature


In March, Human Nature started their national tour to promote their latest successful album "Mowtown", a collection of classic Mowtown songs.

We provided production for shows at Mingara and The Lyric Theatre at Star City.

PA included flown Martin Wavefront W8C, WSX subs, our Midas Heritage 1000, Lexicon, TC, Yamaha and Eventide FX, Dbx 162SL compressors and the new Klark Teknic Square One dynamics system (8 x gates,8 x comps).

Our Shure PSM700's and Shure U-Series wireless were also in use.

Central Coast Country Music Festival

The Central Coast Country Music Festival was held over two days on the 11th and 12th of March at The Entrance.

There were 2 x stage running for both days.

Both featured many of Australias top country acts.

We supplied production + crew for both stages.

The main stage featured Martin Wavefront PA, Midas Verona and Siena desks and Klark helix digital EQ's on monitors.

The Sails stage used a Dynacord Madras system using Dynacord Madras M18 and M15 powered boxes and a Midas Venice at FOH.