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Laneway Festival 2013 Sydney

This year we supplied production + crew for (almost) all of Sydney Laneway Festival. Main Stage (lighting + risers only) and full production for the other stages - Eat your own Ears, Future Classic Stage, Courtyard Stage, Red Bull Stage and VIP Area.

A sold-out crowd (12000 +) braved some bad weather to see a great, indie band lineup featuring - Bats for Lashes, Alt-J, Flume, Of Monsters and Men and Alpine to name a few.

We ground stacked all the PA's and used Martin Audio Wavefront and W8LC Line Array on the stages.

Lighting used - MAC101, MAC301, MAC700 Profile, MAC700 Wash, Atomic Strobes, Sunstrips as well as lots of cans, Mols etc etc.

Our 15 crew did a great job over the setup and show day with all the acts, TM's, sound guys, punters and festival organizers happy.