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Simple Plan

For their recent Australian tour Simple Plan chose Entertainment Installations for lighting for their 2 East Coast shows - Tivoli (Brisbane) and Enmore Theatre (Sydney) 

We've worked with their LD before with Simple Plan and other acts and he was happy to have us back on-board. 

In these days of LED fixtures it was interesting that Jay (LD) went for a show without any LED fixtures. 

However, it looked great and he knows the songs so well, his programming and cues were spot-on. 

The rig used: 

  • 2 x Robert Juliat Victor follow spots 
  • 16 x MAC700 Wash 
  • 18 x MAC700 Profile 
  • 10 x Martin Atomic Strobes 
  • 8 x Molefay Duet 
  • 24 x Par64 
  • 2 x Unique Hazers 
  • Grand MA Fullsize 

Our 2 crew Bryce Mace and Christian Yanni did a great job and an all-round fun time was had by all.